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we have several books to help you in your Biblical education or daily prayer, meditation or devotional time.

Prayer is the answer; E.M bounds; John Wesley; Andrew Murray 

For a donation of $10.00

How to pray: John Wesley 

For a donation of $10.00 

Donation received are used to help us with outreach programs   

Higher Biblical Education 

We also offer thru our Streams from the Rock School of Ministry, Biblical Education in ISOM, (International School of Ministry), this is a 5 Tri-Mester course, designed to help you be prepared for the ministry, God has call you to do. 

Ever wonder how to; classes include, How to pray, your personal walk with the Lord, how be led by the Holy Spirit, how to run a ministry or church, what does it mean to truly worship, or how about to evangelize, (to witness to someone else), and much more??   

You can learn about this and much more, interested, please contact us at 575 650 6417



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